Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Finishing the Bat

A: PS, our defense was really strong today
J: wait what about our defense?
A: in softball
J: oh awesome work
A: however, I got played by the other team
J: how?
A: I was on first base, and the next guy hit a single, and as I was approaching second the other team started yelling "Go to third"
A: I am very suggestible when I am running bases
J: haha!
A: and I tried for third, but the ball got there first
J: could you run back to 2nd?
A: I don't think so
A: maybe
J: the Finishing the Hat is nice
A: good
A: I would like to hear mariah Carey's Finishing the Hat
J: hahah
A: everyone should take a crack at that song
J: who else?
J: Latoya Jackson
A: haha
A: sick
A: Beyonce would probably do a nice job
J: yeah I'd listen to that
A: the guy from Crash Test Dummies
A: hahah
J: Aaron Neville
A: ooh
A: good one
A: dolly parton
J: hahah
A: she's good at everything
J: she would do an awesome Finishing the Hat
A: I think I saw somewhere that there is now a documentary about her recent tour
A: this probably needs to be seen stat
J: oh really?
J: wow
J: Cher
A: hells yeah
A: nuts
A: I really want to hear that now
J: Cher singing finishing the hat? haha
A: maybe I will write a letter to that effect tomorrow
J: I'd like to hear Karita Mattila sing it
J: she would be all emotional
J: and would dress like a man
J: and like roll in paint
J: nude
A: and be hott
A: k
A: bed fo reals


Henry Holland said...

I think, in the distant past, one of you (rightly) expressed outrage at the prices for the Tristan that was going to be done at the Armory (the Sellers/Viola "Tristan Project"). It's been moved to Avery Fisher Hall because the Armory won't be ready in time. From the NYT:

Instead "The Tristan Project," as the production is called, will play at Avery Fisher Hall. The performances will be on May 2 and May 5 instead of April 27 and May 5. Three separate performances of each individual act will be canceled because dates were unavailable at Fisher Hall, a Lincoln Center spokeswoman, Eileen McMahon, said

No word on prices in the article...

Alex said...

Huh...good to know. That's why I couldn't find it the other day. Can we starting taking bets on how ballsy they will be with nosebleed Avery Fisher seat prices? I'm going to say nothing cheaper than $80.