Monday, June 19, 2006


Loved the idea floated by A. Ross in his Volpe gala piece: that Mr. Gelb should get the controversy flowing stat by staging operas in the wrong sets. My 1st round pick would be a Don Pasquale staged in the current Lohengrin. Trebs has to prove she still has teh cute doing a Wilson dance. Kweesh is game, comme toujours. JDF claims injury.

Alternate pick: Wozzeck performed in the Zefferelli warhorse Traviata sets. The rub would be that the Wozzeck lighting design is turned on the 19th century lavishness, so that, for instance, the just offstage ballroom would fill with a foreboding red glow while Violetta is singing about the annihilation of the world by fire--er, liking to party.

Other thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

You're evil. I now totally want to see Wozzeck done in Traviata sets.