Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Late Night

J: statistics?
A: naw
A: Mikro
J: blech
A: can't sleep?
J: precisely
A: boo
J: I did for awhile
A: I am writing about the idea of deregulating the market for livers
A: it is gross
J: um
J: ew
A: liiiiiverrrrs
J: wait like
J: duck livers
J: or like human transplant livers
A: human
A: like, if you could just go out and buy a liver instead of the whole waiting list thing
J: right
J: ebay!
A: haha
A: exactly
J: "shows signs of wear. seller has 89% positive feedback rating"
A: haha
J: seller accept PayPal ONLY
A: ha
A: did you know that China sells off the organs of all the prisoners it executes?
J: huh
J: so I guess they don't do electric chair
A: I guess
A: probably not firing squad either
A: wow...that is some morbid conversation for 4/5 in the morning
J: it is
J: wait the best would be the ebay feedback:
J: aweomse seller!!! Liver exactly as described. Works perfectly. a credit to ebay A++++++
A: haha
A: that's genius
J: hm i want my cat
A: I suppose i should schlaf and look at this in the morning
A: good luck...
J: thanks
J: night
A: 'night
J signed off at 4:20:46 AM.

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