Tuesday, November 07, 2006

One Song, Glorye

A: some parts of Messiah kind of sound like "Rent"
J: really??
A: some of the recitative parts
A: that are just a bit too tuneful for normal recitative
A: but just about right for "Rent" recitative
A: and the strings come in all "ba-ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba-ba"
J: btw I am at Postworks QCing an output
A: what did the output do to you that you need to QC it?
J signed off at 9:54:11 PM.
J signed on at 9:56:25 PM.
J signed off at 9:58:25 PM.
J signed on at 9:59:15 PM.
J: ok the wireless here is sort of crap
A: apparently
J: they have two networks and I have switched to the other one
J: which parts of Messiah sound like the Rent?
A: I'm just basing that on the recitatives that lead into the "Glory to God" chorus in Part I
J: oh hah
A: I kind of like the idea of Messiah as "the Rent" of 1742
A: people are clamoring for "Unto Us a Son is Born" at harpsichord bars across London
J: haha
J: confirmed bachelor harpsichord bars
A: hehe


winpal said...

Happy hour -- Madam Geneva well drinks for ha'penny a dram.

Anonymous said...

Oh god, please don't describe my life...
It's sad enough without seeing it rendered digitally.