Monday, October 30, 2006

Reason #463 why opera is not to be taken literally

A: so, I had a big "only weird for opera people" moment the other night
J: what was that?
A: choir sang at this nice community Halloween concert that the university orchestra does
A: and the theme was "Dangerous Women" with fun orchestral excerpts from the usual suspects
J: hah
A: we sang the carmen entrance sequence
A: but, they also did the dance of the seven veils from Salome
J: oh sweet
A: which was all well and good, and the orchestra did a good job, but the community involvement part involved dancers from the Hyde Park Ballet academy
A: who were ACTUAL 15 year old girls
J: ahhhh!!
J: that's so genius
J: and did they go all the way?
A: dude
A: it was really uncomfortable
J: what were they thinking?
J: it was like at the 4th grade talent show when Ariel Whiting Simons sang "She's Like the Wind" a capella and she replaced all the "She's" with "He's" so it was "He's like the wind through my tree..." etc
J: and also she was 9
A: haha
J: "I feel his breath on my face...his body close to me"
A: amazing


Anonymous said...

You went to hear the U. of C. Symphony and not Silja w/ the CSO? For shame.

Maury D'annato said...

God, your 4th grade talent show makes me think of my least favorite moment in one of my least favorite movies where that little girl in "Love, Actually" sings that creepy, throaty lead-up to a stupid Christmas song. In the words of Patty Bouvier, there went the last shreds of my heterosexuality.