Wednesday, October 11, 2006


A: dude
A: Tower is closing
J: I know
A: crazy!
J: it is sad
A: my mother and I were just in the lincoln park one talking to the old guy who runs the classical section
A: he said 8 to 10 weeks
J: it is depressing
J: but should result in some sweet sales
A: he said there was a sign in the back that said *80 % off*
J: holy crap
A: today was only 10
A: but I found a complete Knapperbutsch Ring for 55
A: so, perils of drinking #156
A: this morning I couldn't get "Grease" out of my head
A: like, for hours
A: and I kept thinking how odd it was
A: I just opened the CD player and found, sure enough, that I had dug up a Grease CD and put it in there
J: hahah
J: that is awesome
A: whoa
A: is that Mattilla Strauss Four Last Songs on the schedule?
J: wait
J: when??
A: jfmurray mentioned it on the date
J: oh my holy god
J: it's on Nov. 3rd!!!
J: god damn it
J: I have tickets to that Stoppard play that night
J: maybe we can sell them
A: fuk
A: is the stoppard open-ended?
J: no but I am sure I could unload them or trade with someone
A: one must not forsake Karita lightly
J: and the four last songs!!
A: it sounds awfully hott
J: shit
J: what am I going to do?


J: I get to see you in like 10 days. sweet!
A: total sweet!
J: schweet even
A: we ran into a Lyric cellist my mother knows
J: oh rad
J: and?
A: he says the principles are coming on Saturday
A: he is very excited
J: oh man
J: that is so awesome
A: truly
J: it's going to be so great
J: even if it's not great it will be great
J: because no matter what, it's live Salome
A: two hotttest non-genital related words in the english language: live Salome


meretrice i. d'oscena said...

Yeah, I went by Tower here in Nashville-- I don't know what was more disappointing: the markdown was only 10%, or that their opera section basically consisted of everything recorded by Gheorghiu and Bocelli.

And by that I mean, recorded by those 2 respectively. Not together... (shudder).

Lisa Hirsch said...

Oh, you're seeing The Coast of Utopia? I saw it in London the last day you could see the whole thing in one day. It wasn't a mistake, but I was half-dead by the time they let us out of the theatre at 11 p.m. No idea how the CAST made it through.