Tuesday, December 06, 2005

5 Long Hours: How I Spent My Blogger Site Maintenance

A: it said there was maintenance but it should be over now
J: it cramps my style
J: and that of our fine readership
A: and makes me anxious
J: don't be anxious
J: just drink through it
A: done
J: hah
J: my mom got me an Opera News subscription bc she didn't know I already had one
J: so I am trying to get it switched to you
A: dope A: thanks!
J: my pleasure--I'll see if I can swing it
J: whoo-hoo alternate side parking suspended tomorrow
A: bonus
A: arg
A: where is the blog!
J: yes my mom just phoned with the same question
J: there is this osteoporosis medicine called Boniva
J: it shd be for erectile dysfunction
A: ha
A: totally
A: Hardonexa
J: Stiffelio™
A: ha
A: this is totally going to fuck up our hits
J: I know
J: but it is what it is
A: it is shitty
J: it's been like 5 hours
J: and that is a lot

11:25 PM J: it's up!


Chriswab said...

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Chalkenteros said...

thank goodness you're back!

I have to say that I was in 100% agreement with your assessment of the Tomassini piece on AAT. The broadway remark really did not sit well with me, and you perfectly articulated why.

I am hoping to catch tomorrow night's performance, but I have a very nasty cold, and something tells me I may not be up for it.

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