Monday, December 19, 2005


J: OK PS, we totally talked about the Kirov Ring
A: dur...I completely forgot
A: what did we say?
J: that it will be sweet
A: *thumbs up*
J: and goddamn summer 2007 is very far away
A: and you're probably going to have to like donate a kidney or blow Valery Gergiev to get in
J: well
J: the thing is
J: a) I will
J: b) most opera things if you buy early you can get something, I think
A: ha
J: c) I think I have probably blown worse
J: questionable
A: *link*
J: oh fuck
J: that is pretty bad
J: well we have a year and a half to prepare
A: here's the face you can expect
J: haha
J: I dunno
J: that is giving me a lot of credit

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