Saturday, December 24, 2005


Updated Caught most of the AmTrag-cast today--I was streaming it online, as none of the radio stations here on the Monterey Peninsula seem to pick up the broadcast. The streaming was all well and good--though it got really choppy at a few points in Act II, even when I switched computers/stations, etc. Perhaps this was a larger glitch?

As much as we enjoyed her cover, Kirsten Chavez, it was terrific to hear Susan Graham's Sondra Finchley again (even on the factory speakers on my parents eMac). I just freaking love how she inhabits that role. And I force fed my family and our good friends Jane and Karen Lee the Dolora Zajick prison cell aria. To good effect, however--I think we may have six converts on our hands.

More dad just turned on the Bruno Bartoletti/Gianfranco De Bosio Tosca DVD.

Update: The aforementioned TOSCA has been turned off. The Carpenters Christmas Portrait now reigns.


Clayton Koonce said...

I was listening to the broadcast from here in the Baltimore-DC area, and there was, indeed, some kind of signal problem near the beginning of Act II. Both local public stations were affected by it, so it was a problem at the source. Fortunately for those of us hearing the opera for the first time, the signal was regained just before that crucial (and aptly horrifying) scene on the lake. (As for "highlights," I must say that I was quite taken by "New York has Changed Me.")

Jonathan said...

Clayton--welcome to the Wellsung blog! Sorry you had the signal problem as well. If you can make it up to NYC for the 12/28 American it. I agree--Sondra's New York aria is absolutely a highlight, as is her second aria later in the 1st act, and of course "The Dolora Zajick Experience" in act II. J