Saturday, December 17, 2005

Finale Ultimo!

4:20 PM
A: *stab*
4:25 PM
J: they killed 'Trebs!
A: Trebs is dead, long live Trebs
J: well not dead, but in a sack, waiting to die
J: long live the sack
4:30 PM
J: oops, guess who isn't morte?
A: d'oh
J: Oops it's his figlia
A: wha?
J: Figlia in a sack
A: I prefer pig in a blanket
J: Guelfi is making that weird French sound again
J: My figlia is in a sack and dying, bring me some jambon
4:35 PM
J: I better be able to sing like that when I am morte in a bag
A: ooh
A: above and beyond
A: ouch
J: Maledzione!!


Chalkenteros said...
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Chalkenteros said...

"Guelfi is making that weird French sound again"

LOL -- I know exactly what you're talking about. He did it during his entrance at the beginning of act 2 also.

Caro nome gave me butterflies ... again.