Saturday, December 10, 2005

"Because That Opera is Freaking Awesome"

The title of this post has been Alex's reply on multiple occasions when I ask "I mean...WHY are all of these Rigolettos sold out?"

Now, on occasion he answers "Because people freaking love that opera."

Understood. I sort of freaking love it myself, in fact. Though my embarrassing admission is that tonight will be the first performance of said freaking awesome opera I have attended.

That said, imagine my delight when, seeking enlightenment, I opened Sieglinde's blog this morning. The Mobile Donna herself asks the same question: HOW have all three of these performances sold out?

I suppose it is fairly straightforward. First, people do indeed freaking love this opera. Second, the Brad and Angelina of "opera hot" tenor/soprano pairings reign the evening.

For me, the lingering question is WHY the December performances are selling out while the January perfs seem to have plenty of availability. It is, after all, the January performances that have the novelty of the Placid Flamingo at the helm. I know, it is still early. But to put it in perspective, I went to the Met Box Office over a month ago, and my only "affordable" choices were Row K of Fam Circ on Tuesday, or Balcony Box 5 for tonight (Saturday, 12/10.) I chose the latter. I am on a serious break from Celestia.

Perhaps I am a sucker for hype. Despite the above questions, I am ridiculously excited for this evening.

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