Saturday, December 17, 2005

Let the Broadcast Begin!

J: are you taping?
J: rather, will you be?
A: I haven't dealt yet
1:15 PM
A: maybe I should run to the 99 cent store
J: yeah I tried but failed
A: hm
A: I'm going to do that
A: brb
J: I have a radio shack across the street
1:30 PM
A: taping in progress
1:35 PM
J: god fucking shit
J: I just bought a boombox from Radio hack
J: for $50
J: and it gets no reception
A: !!!!
J: I mean
J: and my old stereo has no antenna
J: so I have my clock radio on really loud
J: but still
J: oh well
J: as long as you are taping it
J: but I am fucking pissed
J: goddamn radio shack

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