Saturday, December 10, 2005

Friday Randomness

A: I am listening to the 3rd Mennin
A: it is nice
J: By Mennin™
J: oh cool
A: BTW, Fidelio is indeed kind of weak from what I've heard
J: oh really?
J: the opera itself?
A: yeah
A: there's this one spectacular ensemble part
A: but I'm not loving it across the board
J: that is sad
A: yeah...maybe it needs to be seen
A: otherwise its nice, but so far I can think of a lot of Beethoven I'd rather be listening to
J: scroll down to M-A trailer!
A: oh
A: shnap
A: that looks freaking awesome
J: I just watched the first reel on actual film
J: it is like outrageously pretty
A: that makes me so excited
A: kick ass
A: wow
A: I think I just lost my will to be at the office
J: it is unbearable
J: I know
J: I want to drink Svedka
A: at my desk
J: hah
A: in better news, Cynthia gave me a recording of Adriana Lecouvreur with Caballe and Carerras
J: oh neat!
A: Caballe sounds hot
J: awesome!
A: her full name is: Maria de Montserrat Viviana Concepción Caballé i Folch
J: Folch you
A: its such bullshit that Jet Blue doesn't fly to Chicago
J: it really is
J: have you looked at Southwest?
A: yeah, I think that's what I'm going to do
A: 346
A: but everything else was on bad days or too early
J: that is not great but for this late it is not so bad
A: yeah
A: travelocity didn't even have reasonable 1 stop times for friday
J: jesus
J: well, that I guess is not a massive surprise
J: what dates did you choose?
A: 23-28
J: on Southwest?
A: yerp
J: if you want the car to drive out there, you are welcome to it (it will have a window by then)
A: thanks...for that one I'll probably just do the train, since its from work and in the middle of the day
A: random but awesome
A: I have made you another rigoletto btw
J: oh great!
A: as you (and I for that matter) will probably want to listen to nothing else after tomorrow

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