Thursday, February 09, 2006


A: whoa...have you seen this?
J: who the hell is that?
A:that would be la voigt
A:looking like one sexy motherfucker
J: except
J: NO! Make it go away!
A: "shakin dat ass...shakin dat ass"
J: hah! eww
A: it is quite a day for those at the intersection of opera fetish and chubby fetish


Lisa Hirsch said...

HOLY SHIT is she pulling a Karita??

Maury D'annato said...

Aw, c'mon now, play nice ;)

Henry Holland said...

Hmmm...those Salome's of hers in Chicago got more tempting--if she's not going to have a dancer do the 7 Veils bit, with that voice, it could be a winner.

MTV Video awards, early 90's. The New Power Generation lays down a thick slab of funk. Prince appears in a yellow jumpsuit with the ass cheeks cut out. He fakes sex with two background singer chicks. He fakes sex with two hunky bodyguards. NPG still brings da funk. He dances to the mic, does a perfect James Brown move, grabs the mic and *nails* his vocal entry to the 16th note.

My jaw hit the floor. REM got an award after that and all Michael Stipe could say after that stunning performance was "Wow, it's still really HOT up here".

JSU said...

Notice the quote on the Chicago site:

"Sit back and be blinded"...

Um, yeah.