Monday, February 20, 2006

A very wellsung president's day to you and yours

A: hey
J: hello
A: how is office?
A: President's day is such a weak ass holiday
J: it is
J: but like
J: EVERYone gets it off
J: except me and Fred
A: are you doing very important work that could not have waited until tomorrow?
A: man, there is like no way in hell that Bush is working today
J: haha
J: no way
J: he's all "it's my day"
A: haha
A: they're all "um, sir, it's not like 'mother's day'"
J: haha
J: what was on those fries again?
A: cheese
A: ranch dressing
A: scallions
A: bacon bits
A: hmmm
A: I think one more thing
A: I was really into those
J: they were so great
A: in honor of president's day, I am going to do the most laundry that has ever been done before
J: oh wow
J: of all time
J: ever
A: basically
A: outside of the army at least
J: hah
A: is it nasty cold today?
J: it is chilly
A: nuts
J: 33 degrees
A: I am over this
J: it will be back in the mid-high 40's later this week
A: good
A: we need to maybe drive to nature next weekend
A: if it is not so hatefully cold
J: yeah that would be nice
J: somewhere with some snow perhaps
A: I just need me some forest
J: yeah
J: maybe Delaware Water Gap
A: good one
A: PS, Janacek has nice piano music
A: I got some
J: oh neat
A: it's less adventurous than the operas, it seems, but just very beautiful and well done
A: time to begin the MOST LAUNDRY EVER DONE
J: (ba bum buuuuuuumm)

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Lisa Hirsch said...

That's an instant message log, isn't it.

Me, I have spent the weekend 1) sick 2) with two non-work writing projects due over the weekend, so I wrote a lot (you can see one at San Francisco Classical Voice tomorrow...) 3) with a rehearsal hanging over my head that I feel I can't miss, but I CAN'T SING and the room is cold, wah.