Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Well played: Renee

Splendid show by Renee Fleming at the Proms the other day: first up is some of the Berg she does so well...this time its the Seven Early Songs. After the interval she dominates on two barnburner Korngold arias from some of the lesser known (to me at least) works. It's on the proms page for a week or something. Her first set is 30 minutes or so in.

P.S. Not to rub snark on an otherwise unabashedly positive recommendation, but even on good behavior she still has to do that little slide up to the note thing that I think she thinks is part of the trademark BV sound. OMG that is so bothersome.


Anonymous said...

Be careful. If you don't say Beautiful Voice (TM) you may hear from the lawyers.

That said, I'm ill with myself, because it is a beautiful voice. And I'm in fucking love with it pre- Solti Cosi.

Chalkenteros said...

I haven't bought Fleming's most recent disc, so it was nice to finally hear the Die Kathrin aria -- I will have to get ahold of a complete recording of that. The voice continues to be lovely, and well suited to the music of this period. I may even like Fleming's version of "Ich ging zu ihm" more than Tomowa-Sintow's. Sheesh!

Anonymous said...

I have the complete recording of Die Kathrin with Melanie Diener, but I'd have to say, based on that one aria, Ich Soll Ihn Niemals, Fleming's version is superior.