Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Watson brings her A-game

J: oh CRUD!
J: I forgot about G Dams
A: me too til just now
J: well, I didn't want to hear L-Wats sing that diet anyway
J: duet
A: the end of Siegfried was nicht gut I take it
J: oh man
J: her last note especially
J: was a mess
J: like, not even in the ballpark
J: just some random note
A: gah
A: she needs serious warm up time
A: I feel an oath coming on
A: while listening to the bcasts I sometimes have these sudden moments of realization about just how nutso what's happening on stage right now could be
A: like Hagen could be in a bunny suit for all we know
J: yeah! I think about that too
J: I mean, esp after the Meistersinger stuff
J: like, it's all nice pretty Meistersinger
J: but their cocks are out
A: i suppose it makes directing kind of straightforward
A: ok...let's do a run through...who's turn is it to take their pants off?
J: hah
A: um
A: there is a comic strip about bayreuth
J: ahhh!
A: dang
A: I wish that site had an english version
A: uh oh
A: looks like someone is not about to be out-oathed
J: hah
A: sounds like gould's getting a little tired
A: it sucks how everyone gets burnt out before the nice Act III bidness
J: yeah that sucks
A: Brunnhilde (trans.): "Know what? Fuck him. You heard it. Brunhild don't play like that, bitch."
J: at which point she tries to ride off triumphantly on her flying horse, only to hit the ground with the glorious thud of mortality
A: d'oh
J: act 2 is short
A: 'tis
A: this is handy
A: the length of siegfried act 3 is surprising
A: those Meistersinger times must be with cuts
A: in Act 2
J: and also Siegfried was shorter than G-dams by like 20 mins when I saw it
J: confusing
A: there's now way that last act is 100 minutes
A: no
A: I just ate the nastiest piece of cheap birthday cake and am about 15 minutes from a severe sugar crash
J: ew
A: brutal
J: he didn't quite nail that
A: arg
A: I am in a meeting and can't listen
J: did you hear?
J: urg
J: Gould's woodbird stuff is fairly bad
A: yeah
A: nuts
J: are you listening again?
A: its only a meeting with my co-intern
J: ah
A: so I turned it on
A: I haven't quite explained it to her yet
A: oh man
A: he's suffering
J: poor guy
J: well
J: the end is near
J: it's a good thing he's about done
A: valiant efort tho
J: yes
J: I mean he made it
A: I am pro Gould
J: I am mixed, but impressed he can sing it
A: I think a recording made with him singing one act on different days would be swell
J: yeah
J: that makes sense
A: get that spear ready, Hagen
A: save it Guturne
J: god damn that is so hard
A: lwats saved some gas
J: yeah
A: well done
A: do people sound wierdly underwhelmed?
A: not for the Wats i guess
A: she really brought it there
J: yeah I wonder what the problem is


Anonymous said...

I listened to the end of the second act and most of the third act, and things I remember:

Gould bombing that very mean C in Act III, but also generally having problems when the vocal line jumped around--and if you miss the high notes, you screw up the shape of the line.

Whoever sang Hagen had an absolutely beautiful "Rache!", and I listen carefully to Hagen's music, always.

Brunnhilde seemed to go off pitch on the final "Ruhe, du Gott", right at the end of that phrase. I'd have to listen to that again to see how it worked out.

Overall: sounds like it would have been fun to see in the house, as visuals and acting make anything more interesting, but I don't think it's a performance I would save and listen to multiple times on record.

Alex said...

Make no mistake, my warm feelings for Gould come with full recognition that the goodness only happens when he's a) daisy fresh and b) singing one of the macho parts. And that clearly leaves a lot to be desired. But the vocal security and robust top in his Siegfried Act I made me feel safe at night in a way that doesn't happen too often, and for that I thank him.

I'll be eagerly awaiting the re-broadcast of Watson's G-dammerung Brunnhilde as well...I was kind of hoping to settle my feelings about her this go round and I totally didn't. But overall I think the immolation was probably the best evidence in her favor...