Monday, July 30, 2007

Walkure: no seating til the first intermission...

J: are you going to listen to the 1045 one?
A: i guess so
A: is the early one in intermission?
J: I think so
A: i turned it on at like 10:10
J: I woke up too late
J: but I will do the 11:45EST one
A: I am a bit worried
A: there is a polish call in show on the station now
A: and this woman is not shutting up
A: whoa
A: i have both the polish stations playing at same time
A: it is a cacophany of poles
A: one of them just said bayreuth
A: cool
J: I hope it wasn't a typo
J: I am now fearing we missed act one
A: dang
A: one of the poles is giving a synopsis I think
A: shit
A: he just said brunnhilde
A: maybe it is for act II
A: balls
A: that is totally Act II horns
A: yikes
A: hojoto-no
J: cuh-rud
J: well, we'll have to hear the act 1 rebroadcast
J: there is something to be appreciated about L-Wats. Like, she's not awful.
A: for sure
J: there's a Ring in January in Berlin
A: neat
A: whoa
A: luana devol is the gotterdammerung brunhilde
A: they have stephen gould for the siegfried siegfried
J: wait LD is B-hilds in Berlin?
A: yeah
J: whoa
J: that could be, well, troublesome
A: no doubt
A: but it is awfully intriguing
J: there's also one in Dresden
J: but it would require being in Dresden for like all of January
A: they have a children's show running concurrently called "Klein-Siegfried"
J: that is sort of fucked up
A: ha
A: yeah
A: I don't have a sense of how cold it is in Berlin in the winter
J: oh huh
A: that production looks kind of neat
J: oh it does
J: I met Kevin Bacon in his boxers last night
J: what are you thinking of this?
J: the opera, not KB
A: oops
A: I fell asleep for a bit
J: hah
J: well, it was pretty decent I think
A: Pizhonka?
J: good I think---though harder to tell from act 2
A: yeah
J: Watson's coming off pretty well today
A: yeah
J: a little pitchy here and there
A: oof
A: way to jinx her
J: seriously
A: so hard to figure her out
A: there's a really amazing 'power' for lack of a better word
A: but then she goes and makes some really unpleasant noise and puts one back on the fence
J: yeah
J: I overall lean toward liking her
A: OK Theilemann
A: bring it home
J: they didn't go as crazy with the intermissions on this one. it'll come in at like 5:45
A: indeed
A: funny
A: on a related note, I do like this Albert Dohmen
J: yes
J: he sounds a tad old-ish but he still has it
A: as long as they can still realy spin the full lines, I think I like that in a Wotan
A: a reason I worry about whether I'll like Bryn Terfel's Wotan
A: it may be too smooth
J: huh
A: I think a Wotan should have a crust on it
J: then you may have not liked the Kirov Wotan
J: he was silky smoov
A: Wotan (trans.): "check out meine speer"
A: "it is big and scary"
A: that's the ballgame
J: well, the audience seems happy enough
J: and scene
J: ok, off to a potluck in Bayridge
A: I need to go listen to some Wintersturme
J: closest thing to Bayreuth I could get
A: ha
A: enjoy


Lisa Hirsch said...

L-Wats is not sounding so good in Siegfried!

Jonathan said...

SERIOUSLY. Did you hear the last C? Yikes....