Friday, July 20, 2007

Is that a schwert in your pocket...

A: did you get to see any of the explosion thing in midtown?
J: not live
J: it looked fairly neat
A: it really did
A: arg
A: I am so anti-work right now
J: ugh
J: I know
J: me too
A: I wish the Bayreuth b-casts had already started
A: Looks like Klaus Florian Vogt is in Meistersinger
A: that will be neat
J: oh awesome
A: K. Flo. Vo.
A: did you see how that NYT reviewer kind of did a spoiler review of the Harry Potter book?
J: no!
A: isn't that evil?
J: horrible
A: apparently there is nothing super explicit, but it definitely crosses the line
J: it's like "someone dies, and it rhymes with Mary Trotter"
A: ha
J: I saw HP5 last night
J: I really liked it
A: oh sweet
A: I have to do that
A: Hermione takes off her shirt, right?
J: and jiggles her tits, yes
J: seriously though
J: it's good that Radcliffe is 18
J: because he has become really hot
J: and it would lead to lots of confused guilty feelings among certain viewers otherwise
A: it was dicey there for a bit
J: it really was
J: after the last one Laura P was like
J: " it WRONG that I find him hot?"
A: "if wanting to fuck Harry Potter is wrong, I don't want to be right"
J: haha
A: I think that might make a great bumper sticker
J: with like a suggestive flying broomstick on it
A: haha
A: yes
J: Nothung is awfully phallic in this rung
J: ring
J: did you see the video clips on the NY Times website?
A: ooh
J: there is a pretty great Walk├╝re montage
A: no
J: half way down the page
A: oh my
A: that is a big sword
A: nice mullet, Siegmund
J: I know
J: he sounds good though
A: definitely
A: hrmph
A: I am jealous
J: it definitely trumps what we saw in DC
J: except for Domingus
A: nice
A: man
A: gergiev really has a heinous combover
J: not a goodlooking man
J: I was mixed on Sergeeva the other night
J: we'll see if she can pull off G-dams
J: I can't stop eating handfuls of almonds/raisins/blueberries
J: I have stocked the office with healthy snackage
J: but I can't seem to stop
A: it's kind of amazing how much trail mix one has to eat before one gets sick of it
J: I know
J: neat
A: dress code for Glyndebourne is black tie
J: no way
J: wow
A: I think that's probably #2 on the list of wet dream opera vacations, after Bayreuth
J: yeah that seems right
A: jeez
A: its appallingly expensive
A: 125 pounds for the cheap seats
A: wait--maybe 60
J: still
A: Bayreuth may be less expensive on balance
J: Bayreuth tix themselves are not a fortune
J: it's just the whole getting them thing
J: and the flying to Germany
A: and Bavaria has to be cheaper than anything within a stone's throw of London
J: true
A: where USD go to die
J: GBP kicks USD's ass
A: for reals


Anonymous said...

Dudes - was *that* a HP spoiler? You maybe coulda tagged it? Geez.

Didn't really expect to have that problem on an opera blog.


Alex said...