Friday, July 27, 2007

Shorter Rhinegold

A: where's the R-Gold?
A: is there an intermission or something?
J: no it starts later because it's short
A: ahhh
A: sweet
J: so it starts at 10:55 your time
A: crud
J: ?
A: I have to go to a lunch thing at 11:30
A: arg
J: blah
A: this isn't working out. I think I may need to request some time off
J: it's really true. stupid summer job.
A: HP5=awesome
J: oh you saw it!
J: yeah it's great
A: I should really stop listening to Polish talk radio
A: oh
A: dur
A: I was clicking the links for yesterday
J: ah
J: total dur
A: I was hoping for a bit more crazy Helena Bonham Carter tho
A: its really only a matter of time until Emma Watson shows up in Maxim
J: she is Hermione?
J: it's true
A: she is 17 tho
J: crud
A: born in 1990
A: DR was 1989
A: so that's all good
J: awesome
A: his wand is fair game
J: not sure it's the wand I'm after
A: hehe
J: which station are you going to do?
A: I'm going to try Bayern Klassik
A: I trust Germans for Internet Radio
J: yeah me too
J: though the Bartok MP3 was coming in nice and clear just now.
J: the Bayern seems solid
A: I might give the Poles a chance...this has been ok, though I have only heard talking as of yet
A: there's another country which must have some mixed feelings about Wagner
J: true
J: the 256K Bartok mp3 is playing through iTunes and has like a real radio sound
J: I am going to go with that for a bit
A: dang it
A: windows does everything possible to fuck with itunes
A: I think it might have put a hit out on my Firefox, too
J: the Bayreuth orch rocks
A: seriously
J: which Rheinmaiden do you think is the sluttiest?
J: I am going with Flosshilde, for sure
A: I might have to go with Wellgunde
A: Woglinde needs to step closer to the mic
A: its definitely not this one
A: she's the downer rheinmaiden
J: yeah
J: Woglinde says "Does he want to play with us?"
J: which is pretty slutty
J: bye, gold
A: auf wiedersehn
J: Tschuss, Gold
A: scheiss
A: i have to go
A: this sounds really good
A: I want to hear more Thielemann
J: yeah
J: went idle at 11:54:21 AM.
J: returned at 12:10:28 PM.
J: good Nibelungen squeal
J: earlier
J: went idle at 1:10:34 PM.
J: returned at 1:32:52 PM.
A: and I'm back just in time for the applause
A: crud
A: how was it
J: I missed a bunch of it
J: had to do some errands and we all had lunch in the editors room
J: but what I heard was great
J: the orchestra was like amazing
J: and the singing was all around solid I thought
J: the reaction is sounding positive


Anonymous said...

I'm a total Alberich when it comes to online music. How does one get these Bayreuth broadcasts?

Lisa Hirsch said...

Info here:

Don't you think they could have done better than those tinny, half-assed anvils, though?