Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Da Voigt

'Twas really spectacular, as J notes below. Hearing that woman plow through Salome with an intensity and accuracy one pretty much resigns for another age, one feels like a bit of a heel for being part of the world that kept her from bringing it to the universe short of massive surgery. I mean, who really gives a fuck in the presence of artistry like that, right? For shame.

The supporting cast as otherwise noted, was without weak links. Orchestra deserves a very substantial mention. This was the Salome score as it should be, where each moment brings new grand, erotic or terrifying delights from the pit.

The design leaves a good amount to be desired, IMHO. The set looks like nothing so much as a nondescript lobby centerpiece from the Luxor, the kind of thing you ooh and ahh over for the benefit of your traveling companions but secretly wonder whether this is really the best Vegas can do. I mean, it's Salome. The opera is always going to outdo you, so why not kick it up a notch?

But whatevs. The point is Debbie V, singing the hell out of a role she was placed on this earth to sing. The rest is gravy.

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