Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Lots of folks with lots to say this week: JSU and Sieglinde give the rundown on Thursday's season premiere of the Idomeneo revival. Sounds like Jepson was a little more solid last night than at the prima.

Maury bemoans the scrim at Stadt. We are in agreement on pretty much all aspects of his assessment of this production.

Alex Ross on the Met's opening night pizazzerie. Thankfully, A. Ross took a moment, with his characteristic graciousness, to note the vocal shortcomings of one Cristina Gallardo-Domas.

Chalkenteros, a long time Wellsung friend and commenter, has started his own blog. Make sure to drop by!

More Sieglinde: Sieglinde is trying SO hard to like Cristina, though I think the lady is slowly coming around to the fact that C G-D...well...sucks kinda.

La Cieca has been an incredible resource and sort of clearing house for all the new procedures and offerings at Gelb's Met.

Steve Smith remains awesome.

I am not totally certain what this post was about---more a way to say hello to everyone and get the juices flowing nice and early in the season.

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Thanks for the shout out!