Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The All-knowing Scallop

J: so wait---you are coming to NY and then going down to DC right?
A: yes
J: when do you get here?
A: Tuesday
J: are you doing interviews?
A: one in DC on Friday
J: Weds night is a Barbiere
A: I was thinking about that
A: I'm tempted by that Chenier
A: but I have to be at the interview at 10
A: love that Vurmana
J: for serious
J: it's sort of too bad you're not here for a Helena
J: like
J: the production is lame
J: have you looked at pictures?
J: but the singing is so great
A: no
A: are there clear pictures?
J: *pics*
A: um
A: otay
J: I mean...
J: *pic*
A: you know, if a character is called the omniscient
mussel, you should really have someone pop out of a gd shell
J: the Omniscient Mussel is all "well, this is awkward"
A: ha
J: that black thing is the OM
A: right
A: I see no shell
A: no life size shell, at least
J: and NO IDEA who the guy running is
J: this is never explained
A: jeez
A: and what boring ass smocks on everyone
A: that looks dumb
J: it really does
J: the audience commentary was great
J: "what is that guy running?.....so, she entered on a bed...where are they now?"
A: haha
A: I wonder how many more craptastic volpe premieres there are in the pipeline
A: I would have liked to have been there when they let Gelb in on the secret designs
A: "Why is that guy running? Well did we already build it? How big? Crud."
J: haha

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