Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Strauss, Cheaper!

So....I know ticket sales are up this year, but has anyone noticed that the blue plate special this week appears to be the Ägyptische Helena prima?

What the F? I suppose the if-we-mount-it-they-will-come-(at-least-on-the-first-night) philosophy that seems to have driven ticket prices of new production premieres into the stratosphere is not totally panning out...

The other Helena performances seem to be selling nicely.

Anyway, my full price tickets and I will be there on Thursday.

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Anonymous said...

The People, having a ticket for after spring break is over (in the cheap seats), await the reviews with bated breath. Hearing Maestro Luisi in the Boccanegra gives good hopes for that side of things, but Helena is a strange opera and I have no great hope that the staging will pull the entire thing off.