Friday, October 19, 2007

Butterfly now

Looks like Pat Racette isn't singing the budderfly which just started. 'Twas hoping to confirm what I already know all the fuss is about. Instead we have one Maria Gavrilova making her debut. So far, so ok. Bit more of a wobble than you want on your fifteen year old or whatever she's supposed to be. But them's are the breaks.

Alagna sounds like he's on better footing than the impromptu Aida the other night--which was certainly very enjoyable even so. Can't quite decide where I fall out on Bobby Love. There's something just undeniably "real-deal" and exciting about the purity of the core sound when its on--that sort of haters-need-not-apply gusto and consistency--which one can't help but fall for. Yet there's also this unpleasant very non-warm piece that kind of goes against what you'd expect from the aforementioned purity of sound. Like a sort of disappointing stale area of an otherwise excellent cookie. On the other hand, it seemed to dissipate with time the other night, so perhaps he just requires some warm-up. Hook it up Peen-ker-tone.

UPDATE: Yowza. Robert darling gave a killer end of Act One.

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Anonymous said...

Yes! I've never been able to quite put it in words, but this describes my feelings about Alagna exactly!