Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Did the season start already? For serious?

A: DZ is tearin it up
J: this was the first thing I ever saw her in
A: good one
J: do it DZ
A: damn she's good
A: word
A: bobby has warmed up nicely
A: it wasn't awesome at the very beginning
A: there's a bit of a chance I will come to the first Norma
A: I think i will be in NY that weekend, and am tempted to ditch monday so I can go
J: oh awesome
J: oh dear god
A: oh I know Planet Unicorn, let me assure you
A: I had that song stuck in my head for like the entire month of August
J: haha
J: it's so great
A: at one point Lindsay turns to me and says "did you just hum 'give it up for Feathers'"?
J: hah
A: i am partial to the america's next top model one
J: yeah that is great
J: the one withe the watercorn is also good
A: yes
A: i wonder if you could get a planet unicorn episode to show up on the front page of GodTube
J: there must be a way
A: this is awfully cute
J: aw

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