Thursday, November 15, 2007

Late Night Kabanova

A: are you going to listen to some of the Kata Kabanova?
J: totally
J: I just got back from an awesome freaking Figaro
A: oh you were there!
A: it sounded amazing
J: that Harteros woman needs to be president
A: yeah
A: wow
J: did you hear Dove Sono?
A: totally sick
A: Terfel sounded lovely
J: he did
J: and Keenlyside was great
A: i can't really identify Barbarina over the radio
A: how was ACB?
J: oh she was good
J: I mean
J: it's a weird little part
J: but she got some "woo"s in the curtain call
A: swell
A: It's interesting how Figaro with a meh cast is such a hugely different experience from Figaro with a great cast
J: yeah I mean, it still feels interminable in places
J: but yes it's a completely different experience
A: that stupid ballet the principle from Ferris Bueller had him put back in
J: that damn ballet
J: that took me a minute
J: oh you should sign up for Skype
A: on it
J: KM is awesome in this
A: damn
A: she really is
J: Greg points out it may be even better for her than Jenufa, which I'm willing to accet
J: accept
A: I mean
A: these are difficult distinctions
J: it's true
A: do you have a recording of her doing this?
J: no I don't think there is one
A: dang
A: it would be great to have this for one's own
A: they don't seem to be playing it again in the near future
A: or I would try to do the computer recording
J: Saturday afternoon
A: ah
A: I see
A: ok
A: I should remember to do that
A: they had paul plishka on the intermission today
J: hah Xmas day
A: hah
A: nice choice
A: merry christmas: go jump in the river
J: merry christmas: your mother-in-law has S&M sex before watching you die
A: ha
J: there are like 4 singers who know these Janacek roles
J: Raymond Very was in this, Jenufa at the met, and Jenufa in DC
A: yeah
J: the production looks neat
A: kewl
A: the ending to this act is so great
J: I was just going to type "god I love this little melody"
J: I wish I could go back in time
A: this is incredible
J: hm earlier it was "Janacek's Opera of Oppression"
J: now it's "Janacek's Opera of Injustice"
A: gotta love those slavs
J: are you listening to this Brewer bit from Vanessa?
A: yeah
A: nice
A: go Brewer
J: she's sorta great
A: I need to spend some time with it
A: word
A: I wasn't really feeling the grandeur in Flanigan's version
J: right
A: this is more like it
A: i can't tell if he sort of blows it with her in the later acts, or if it was the performance
A: i definitely got tired of her being so clueless
A: and not in a tragic way
J: right, she's just sort of desperate and annoying
A: i think maybe it is getting the extreme contrast with the first act right
A: and playing that duet in II for desperation
A: rather than enthusiasm
J: uh which duet? you remember better than I. I may go back Saturday
A: the "Take Flight" one
A: or maybe that is III
A: the one happy one with her and Anatol
J: oh right
A: who is this
A: yerg
J: total yerg
J: Jon Vickers
A: they need to put the singers on the internet player
A: oh
A: yikes
J: from Benvenuto Cellini
A: not a good day for JV
J: yeah I've told Greg I am going to put a webcam in front of my sirius receiver and leave it on 24/7 so he can always know who the singer is. it drives him crazy not knowing.
J: bleh, I guess I should sleep
J: goodnight
A: 'night


Unknown said...

Jon Vickers as Benvenuto Cellini???


Chalkenteros said...

I was listening to that Kat'a ... and then about 15 minuted into it, it cut out to a repeat of the Figaro. Frustrating.

Alex said...

oh weak. well, i guess i don't feel so bad that i forgot the second showing.

Will said...

I love your conversations. KM is my ideal these days--totally at the top of her game and the game itself is the best there is.