Sunday, November 25, 2007

News from London

J: I found some good YouTube links to people who snuck tape recorders into the Rent Remix
A: nice!
J: I forgot to mention that during Seasons of Love, which was done as part of a medley at the opening of the show, was accompanied by a loud ticking clock
A: "God...I just, I really want the audience to get that like time is running are we gonna do that???"
J: hah
A: there is a 2001 meistersinger on
A: and Heppner just cracked something brutal
J: jesus
J: he better not ruin Tristan
A: like
A: the big Meistersinger song isn't all that high, I don't think
J: if you crack on the Lied, you don't get no freaking Preis
A: serious
A: he just got close again
A: but he righted himself
A: Sachs is all "this was an ok you think you could avoid dairy before the show tomorrow? Maybe its the dairy..."
J: who's the Sachs?
J: J Mo?
A: yeah
J: boo.
A: i'm still not really sure what I want in a Sachs
J: I'm not sure about Meistersinger in general
J: I don't think I can go to the first Iphigenie
J: it's just too damn expensive
A: meh
A: i think that's ok
J: yeah
A: it may improve if you get really into it
A: but it is definitely pretty boring the first time around
J: oh hrm
A: or so I thought from the one here last year
J: oh fun
J: there are clips on YouTube from the original Rent at NYTW
J: and there are songs that never made it to Broadway
A: oh neat
J: wow they're awful
A: yikes
J: One Song, Glory used to be called "The Right Brain"
J: "Fiiiind, The RIght Brain"
A: ha
A: "Jonathan, about the Brain song"
J: there's also a goofy little song where Benny tries to talk Mark into going into Real Estate
A: i sort of don't want to like KM as Eva
J: why?
A: it's just such a different sound than other Evas
J: right
A: and it seems like there are about a million better uses for her
J: yeah. I mean, it's probably not bad.
A: indeed...all that kind of falls apart when she starts in
J: I sort of can't believe the subway here ends at midnight
A: yeah
A: that is nuts
A: PS, shortly after you signed off, KM did the quintet
A: it was out of control
J: oh man
J: I need to hear that
A: she's on this really nice recording i have with Solti and the CSO
A: but this even blew that out of the water
A: like, you don't know what to do with yourself
J: man
J: hm, it says I can't download it from you
J: is that the CSO quintet?
A: here it is
A: wrong one before

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