Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Screw birthstones

J: so, the day you were born the Met did Bartered Bride and Dialogues des Carmelites
J: in Cleveland
A: huh
A: how about you?
J: Tannhäuser in Boston
A: anyone good in it?
J: i don't remember the t-haus
A: that is a fun use of the d-base
J: but Rysaken and Mignon Dunn were the gals
J: Rysanek
A: oh nice
A: i guess you could do it like "what your birthday opera says about you"
A: altho that is dicey for me
J: In which case, I wish I had Lulu
A: that would kick ass
J: "so hey, what's your birth opera?"
J: "mine totally blows. I got Idomeneo"
A: ha
J: I don't know why I find this so unbearably cute
J: *link*
A: haha
A: my father has Tristan with Melchior and Traubel
J: oh wow
J: good one
A: my mother's is pretty sweet too
A: Don Giovanni with Pinza, Milanov, and Steber
J: oh fun
A: conducted by George Szell
A: so
A: the variable for capital is k
A: and the variable for output is Y
A: which means the capital-output ratio is the "K/Y ratio"
A: hehe
J: haha
J: "how does that feel...is the K/Y ratio ok or do you need more?"
A: haha
A: he refused to explain the K/Y ratio and...it just chafed me, you know?
J: ha


Anonymous said...

You know, with the right k/y ratio, you are taking the labor right out of the equation...

Alex said...

Heh. Good one.