Sunday, March 29, 2009

Watch out 'prentice, Peetah Grimes is glaring at you...

A: just saw the wno peter grimz
J: oh!
J: and?
J: man that Michael Steele is a douche
A: pretty good
A: nice pat racette time
A: christopher ventris was the pg
A: who sounded v nice
A: excepting some rough patches
J: it's a tough sing
J: I loved what's his face who sang it at the met last year
A: oh yeah
A: he sounded nice
J: esp the end part where he's all "Grimes grimes grimes grimes griiiimes"
A: ha
A: i like that part
J: me too
A: when the woman speaks to him the first time after that she should be all "grimes grimes grimes?"
A: just to fuck with him
J: hah
A: the chorus was great
A: how did they do that falling off the cliff thing at the met?
A: it was way dumb here
A: like, the boy just fell off the back of this four foot tall hut
J: they fall off the cliff?
A: and there was this little "EEEEeeeee...." noise
A: when he dies
J: heh
J: I totally don't remember what the Met did
A: the child thrashing was also minimal, relative to what it sounded like there
A: it was mostly really severe pointing
J: haha
J: stern looks


Sadie Salome said...

I think at the Met he fell through a trap door in the floor of the stage. Like everyone else in that staging, it was impossible to know what was going on (i.e. what was the setting of the scene, who was actually in that scene, who was talking to whom, &c.) if you weren't already familiar with the opera.

Alex said...

I mean, it shouldn't be such a difficult thing to clearly stage, right? I get that WNO doesn't have a lot of options, but the Met has tons of good sets he could fall off of. I'm thinking they could set up a little shack on the Walkure/Siegfried moutaintop set and have him take a spill off the back of that...or even better, the Castel Sant'Angelo!

Unknown said...

What's his face who sang it at the Met last year = Anthony Dean Griffey who is singing it here in San Diego starting Saturday. We had our Sitzprobe last night. He is great. So is the Ellen Orford, Jennifer Casey Cabot, awesome chorus, and Rod Gilfrey as Capt Balstrode (luxury casting!)