Monday, August 16, 2010

September Dreamin'

J: yo
J: how is it?
J: with the sausage
A: S'ok
A: All dumb corporate orientation today
A: It is hard to swallow after a while
J: serz
J: like sexual harassment policy and stuff
A: "Firm values"
J: sick
J: "I'll show you my firm value"
A: Haha
A: Lots of stuff about excellence in servicing your clients
A: I ended up getting an opening nite rheingold ticket
A: The rest of fall was sold out by the time I got there
J: oh!
J: nice
A: And I don't really want to wait til may or whatever
J: where are you?
A: On a shuttle to the metro
J: no I mean, where are you sitting
J: hah
A: Oh heh
J: I'm in Washington DC jackass
A: Like 3 rows from the back of FC on the extreme right
A: Pretty brutal
J: yeah we're totally in fam circ row H
A: Ah well
A: Hopefully the giant slinky or whatever will still register
J: it'll be a taste of slinky
A: Maybe its more like a big horizontal jenga
J: oh that sounds right
A: LePage: "for this ring I was inspired by party games of the early mid nineties..."
J: "but will remain always faithful to Wagner's timeless score"
J: "Uno!"
A: Ha
A: "Beaten and disgraced by his own progeny, truly the god must...draw four."
J: hah

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Welcome back, boys.