Saturday, February 03, 2007

Love, exciting and new...

A: the library dvd section is pretty good
A: I am happy to report
J: oh sexcellent
A: curtain just went up on this T&I w/ Waltraud Meier
A: the set is like love boat
A: the guy doing the sailor song just served Waltraud a daiquiri
J: hah
J: that is ridiculous
J: who is the T?
A: Jon Frederic West
J: oh yeah, him
A: Waltraud is doing it up...too bad she is standing next to a canary yellow deck chair
J: where is this boat sailing from?
A: I guess its like the Ireland-Grand Cayman-Cornwall tour
J: like 14 nights or so I guess
J: but which opera company is it?
A: Bayerische staatsoper
J: ah


A: um, Tristan just rolled a floral print couch onstage for the Act 2 bidness
J: hah
A: they are tossing cushions now
J: this sounds silly
A: yeah
A: it is kind of inoffensive silly
A: but it definitely doesn't "work" in any sense
A: waltraud is pretty good...but it doesn't feel as comfortable as her Kundry
A: the Tristan is pretty nice for now, but he has a bad habit of constantly looking at the prompter, which is distracting in closeups
J: hm
J: yeah the the Barenboim (I think) T und I with w-traud is not totally wonderful
A: it is such a weird part
A: there's really no telling who one is going to like or not like in it
J: like Toni Braxton
A: haha
A: exactly like
J: Carol Channing maybe
A: oh man
A: that is amazing
J: I'd listen to a Channing Liebestod
A: we need to find someone who both does a good Carol Channing impersonation and knows the Narrative/Curse
A: this needs to be realized
A: lord knows there is someone in the parterre comments section that fits that description
J: I'm almost certain of it
J: Patty Wortham does a pretty bang up Carol Channing. we could teach it to her
A: that would be so, so awesome
A: despite minor vocal misgivings in this, Waltraud is still really fun to watch
A: she has such a neat face
A: I mean
A: obviously not that neat
J: clearly
A: I now also want to see a scene between Carol Channing and a muppet Carol Channing
A: I feel one would lose track
J: i.e.
A: aaaahhhh!!!!
J: haha
A: well I guess that's what I'll be dreaming about this evening


Gregory said...

I happen to do a fantastic Carol Channing. But I would think that she would feel more comfortable in baritone rep than dramatic sop.

Clayton Koonce said...

I'm getting more open to some updated productions, but this is not the way I'd want to see my first Tristan. (Jon Frederic West? Baltimore had him as Otello some years back.)

Are you guys not seeing the Met's current Jenufa? I'm looking forward to Washington's in May.