Monday, December 03, 2007

Accept no substitutes

So, I didn't get to see the Met countdown thing because lame Chicago PBS was busy playing another Celtic Christmas Carols concert or something (for Chicagoans...seriously, how bad does WTTW blow these days?)

But J pointed me to one of the highlights on YouTube, Leontyne Price's farewell performance of Aida in 1985. Maybe I'm just emotional because I've been writing a paper for the past 48 hours, but damn...that is some fucking OPERA right there.


Anonymous said...

re: WTTW

Way lame.

Maury D'annato said...

I watched it with the full applause track (not shown thusly on PBS) on youtube this morning at work. Dumb idea. One needs a bit of recovery time from a thing like that.

Will said...

La Grande Leontyne had one or two variable moments that night, but I remember being awed by "O, Patria Mia." Everything was there and she was just wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I have been waiting for a dvd version of that, but was glad that someone put it on you-tube some time ago. Who needs reality tv when you have that?

I have a recurring dream, about once a year or so, where I go to some performance, not always an opera, and they announce that instead, Leontyne Price will once again sing Aida.

And yes WTTW sucks

Anonymous said...

Detroit did the same thing - really irritating.
I had a similar epiphinal (sp?) experience the other day - I decided to spin an opera mix for listeners, and in there was Lily Pons doing the Bell Song. It was one of those wow! moments that don't happen often enough.