Tuesday, January 12, 2010

WNO Announces

A: um, did you see that SF Opera is importing the Washignton ring wholesale?
J: it was always a co-production
J: they partially financed it
A: oh
A: i missed that
A: i thought maybe they saw it first and then decided to get in on it
A: i guess they are going to do the gotterdammerung now
A: maybe they can send it back to DC after
J: yeah what is the fucking deal
J: is DC just not going to do the cycle?
A: i mean
A: none of it is on the sched for next year
A: i guess maybe they missed their window
A: nice that that dumb production will dominate ring performances in two cities for god knows how long
A: i mean, i was more ok with the walkure and siegfried, but I don't want to like see them again or anything
A: people should start referring to it as "The Discount Ring"
J: it really is
J: Zales' Ring
J: Der Ring des Claire's Accessories
J: wait is DCs season up already for next year?
A: yeah
J: !
A: it is little
A: do you see the randoms in that Voigt Salome?
J: oh that's not a bad seasons though
A: yeah
A: i would see all of that except the DQ
A: er
J: Pat racette Iphigenie is interesting
A: yeah totally
A: i like that
A: and doesn't look like the met/seattle or the lyric/danish productions
A: what are the chances one sees 3 different iphegenie productions in 3 years
A: Uh, did you also see "Dramatic soprano Deborah Voigt, the definitive Salome of her generation..."
J: heh
J: um
J: some bitches may beg to differ

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Anonymous said...

Simon Boccanegra?
I miss the Wellsungs commentary!