Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New T n' I

J: dude.
J: the T-stan got boo'd
A: yikes
A: he was having issues
J: he was pretty bad
A: that is a tough assignment
J: act 3 was interminable
A: oof
A: i didn't hear much
J: on the other hand, this was like DVo's Ohio.
A: so good
A: so tits
J: DVo was so freaking tits
A: did you get other nights?
J: yeah I got some crap seats to one of the matinees
J: they sort of can't bring this guy back
J: I mean is Clifton Forbis really not doing anything?
A: Gelb must be mad texting him right now
A: what up clifton...pls call when u hav a sec
J: Clif. pls call asap. thx.
A: heh
A: i'm so happy for DV tho
J: oh man, it was so good
A: heps has the whole week to think about it
A: gelb: "Call Forbis...and get Heppner some fucking tea with honey for the love of god"
J: hah
J: the state of Tristans is sad
A: seriously
A: like, there is almost no one on the FACE OF THE EARTH who can pull it off well
A: appears to be the takeaway


Anonymous said...

No one sounded this good last night. No one.


Lisa Hirsch said...

You know, I figured one of those links would be to a Nilsson video. No such luck.

A & J, Peter Seiffert's the guy Gelb should call.

Alex said...

Was he in the SFO run? I'll admit the rest of the b-cast I heard is kind of a blur next to Der Brewer.

Lisa Hirsch said...

No - it was Moser, whom you don't want. Seiffert sang Tannhauser; good voice, good musician, endurance for the ages.

Brightshadow said...

Thank you Lisa -- yes -- Peter Seiffert can sing it and does. Just not here. Brewer can and does -- just not here. Everyone tells me Salminen was the only tolerable person in the piece. Why put it on if you haven't got a cast for it? (Ditto Norma last fall.)

Lisa Hirsch said...

Brewer is the best, really. A gorgeous voice, stunning control, huge size. I am fearful that we won't be hearing her in SF again. Gockley has Nina Stemme under contract for Bruennhilde, and I'm guessing he's thinking thinner will be better for the films, even though Brewer has about twice the voice of Stemme. I liked Stemme a lot in Flying Dutchman, but Bruennhilde??

Alex said...

YouTube seems to be in on it. What is up with the paucity of Brewer clips???

Here's some narrative n' curse action from Stemme which is swell: http://youtube.com/watch?v=5qR0xaH46uc

But I agree, it's unclear if this is really a good reason to deny us the Brewn-hild we're all dreaming about. I'm not going to go calling the opera movie phenomenon a pernicious trend as of yet, but I fear we may have to move the threat level to orange if Brewer's size is really keeping her out of it. That is crap.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Brewer is down for cycle 1 in spring 2009 at the Met! Cannot remember who is singing Bruennhilde for cycles 2 and 3, however, and I'm sorry you're not getting her Isolde in the flesh.

Anonymous said...

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