Saturday, March 15, 2008

Strange things afoot at the Circle K...

A: yo
A: my internet is wierd, so this may bitch out
J: hah ok
A: what up
J: nothin'
A: saw a nice college Suor Angelica/Gianni Schicchi this evening
J: what up with you?
J: oh nice
A: DePaul's opera
A: it's kind of great to see amateur versions of these things
J: oh DVo bailed midact tonight
A: !
A: whoa
J: greg got some texts about it
A: holy shit
A: she doesn't roll like that
J: evidently she was ill
A: jesus
A: and apparently Heps is like out of commission until further notice
J: so they were BOTH covers
A: man
A: that is a f'ing opera right there
A: killin' people left n' right
J: but the new Tristan cover is supposed to be great, per Chalkenteros, via Greg
A: Lehman?
J: yes
A: damn
A: it made the newsweek site


Anonymous said...

Oh sweet sweet Schadenfreude.

Gregory said...

I wondered how the Gianni Angel went? I knew some of the people involved. Any further reports?

Alex said...

Well since you ask...

Angelica was double cast, so I can't say about the other one, but Friday night's made a very strong showing. I mean, damn, that is a serious assignment for a grad student, and while there were a handful of miscalculations, she made a big interesting sound and definitely made it through in more than one piece. Also, her acting was very fine.

GS was very successful--the Schicchi himself was the only one who seemed to have a big caliber instrument already, although the couple (whatever their names are) both had quite lovely sounds. Overall, it was just a really solid production, with great acting all around and really rich comic detail (special props to whoever played the matron character, she was a riot). I daresay I found myself more engaged than I did in the Met GS last year (altho to be fair i was about 400 feet closer).

The DePaul orchestra sounded quite impressive, although the conductor really needed to be more accommodating of the student-sized voices...only the title roles had any cutting power to speak of, and the others found themselves swamped frequently.

Gregory said...

Thanks for the report!

Anonymous said...

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