Monday, March 10, 2008

9.24: OMG. Sirius and/or my computer and/or my Internets is such a mess right now. And with the Love Duet about to get started! Drat. On the plus side, D-VO sounds tremendous--the laser-y sounds in the new voice make for a super exciting Isolde. John Mac Master, aka "not Hep B", sounds like...a very respectable stand in Tristan. I imagine we are going to be feeling his pain a lot in Act III. How hateful that I am doing homework in another city and not in the haus this evening.

And we're off...

9.42 Mayday. Mayday. Mac Master's upper extension sounds like it just flew into someone's jet wash.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure we will be quite hearing his pain in Act III, though.

Came in just before the Love Frog. Where's Hep B at? Isn't this the premiere?

Anonymous said...

Phoned in the Irish Princess
did D e V o i d
But not for Tony Tom
Another Triumph to Avoid

Chubster understands Isolde
As Trailer Park in Forte
Beer drinkin'
Trash cussin'
Hurricane spinnin'
And though thinner
d'Arte ain't no winner

Comes to show
Littleblackdress hype
No Artist signified

Cara Cara
A te o Cara
Remember Cheryl
La La

Debbie croons Idiotic
While prissy little men
Hyperventilate rhapsodic

A te o Cara
Oh Cheryl Rara
Turn Dragqueen art
To real Drama

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