Monday, March 03, 2008

RIP, Giuseppe di Stefano

Was in the car a bit ago, clicked over to WFMT, and found myself in the midst of a "Che Gelida Manina" of disarming purity and power, the kind of thing that makes you wonder if it's really safe to drive while listening to that level of opera. The voice was Giuseppe di Stefano, who has died at 86. La Cieca is already on it with some clips, naturally. Also, this week's "From the Recording Horn" show on WFMT will be a tribute (Saturday after the Met b-cast).


Andrew Patner said...

I heard the same broadcast this morning, Alex, but came in on the middle of "Lungi da lei" (Traviata) and had the exact same reaction as you did, both to the voice and then to the news.

The last of the greats.



Will said...

Pippo's immediate post-WWII recordings feature some of the purest, most limpidly beautiful singing I've ever heard. His natural gift was simply staggering.