Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sorry, Blog

I know. We have been bad. Things have been going down.

Parsifal was wonderful. Waltraud is a phenomenon and a bag of chips--les deux. Hep B nobly overcame his Lohengrin broadcast slips, but had a couple of questionable moments when I saw it. Rene "say hey" Pape was a divine Gurnemanz. I finally got the Thomas Hampson's really not a 'pretty' voice when the going get tough, but boy does he push it to the limits.

Tosca with La Millo was a bit of an anti-climax. I've heard the tape on Parterre so I know why she's to die for, but this is not true on the stage at least not the other night. Although I guess I found it more interesting than el Voigto, who, artist that she is, just doesn't get my goat in the Italian rep. Do Ariadne like you used it!!! Oh well.

James Morris continued to be a bellowing and unpleasant Scarpia, though who are we to blame. Eduardo Vila was a hair more listenable than Farina in Cavaradossi, but that ain't saying much.

Due to illness and life troubles we bailed on the G-Fil Elisir tonight, which I am now feeling guilty about. Hopefully someone went and will rub it in.


Anonymous said...

I'm told Filianoti is sounding fabulous and that Freni is in the house.

Alex said...


JSU said...

Lucia was better. More eventually as I get through the blog backlog.