Monday, December 18, 2006

Ah, YouTube...

J: ok speaking of YouTube
J: there is a completely wonderful video of Mattila doing the first Elsa aria
J: from Paris or something
A: ooh
J: and it's giving me chills
A: where is it?
J: [click here...embedding disabled]
J: it's mainly that first part
J: jesus
A: that's awesome
J: her voice man
J: whatever the flaws
J: when she is right in her most comfortable place
J: it's really a special instrument
A: no doubt
J: her Elsa is so freaking magical
A: omg:

A: this is really cute
A: I love that scandinavian-tastic rehearsal get-up
J: hah
J: whoa Gwyneth Jones~
J: !
J: sounding like ass, but still
J: here is a C G-D Un Bel Di where she sucks less

J: still not my cup of tea
J: but at least you can see why she was hired
A: those things look like dreads
J: haha
A: and some real silly opera faces
J: yeah her faces are insane
A: what the f is going on with this ariadne:

J: hah
J: Ariadne auf Lauper
A: heh
A: Flourescent bikini top or no, she is spectacular
J: she is ridiculously great
A: ah youtube
A: one moment Richard Strauss, the next moment "Hand Farting the Star Spangled Banner"

J: wait what?
J: this little docu thing about Varnay?
A: I mean

J: heh
J: it's impressive
A: I don't know how he gets different tones

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