Friday, December 15, 2006

It's beginning to feel a lot...

J: I got a tree!
A: bonus!
A: a real one?
J: of course
J: bitch please
A: my bad
J: hsh
A: I am going to go to the *gym*
J: whoa
A: I am so bored
A: this is what I have been driven to
J: hah
A: back in a bit
J: ok enjoy
A: so many bad jokes come into one's head while listening to Gotterdammerung on the treadmill
J: haha
J: such as?
A: Siegfried's Funeral Jog
J: heh
A: Immolation (of the carbs)
J: oh jesus
J: check out my tree:
A: that is really, really magical
J: I am happy you think so
A: and it's pretty wide but still fits
A: in your apt
J: yeah it doesn't look too big
A: did you go ornament shopping?
J: at the 99cent store
A: sweet
A: they have everything
J: it's true
A: has andrew tried to climb it yet?
J: he likes to smell it and bat at the ornaments
A: that's pretty cute
A: a'ight
A: I'm out again
J: a'ight
A: good work on the tree


Maury D'annato said...

One of the many times I went to the gym like two times and then quit, I decided I was going to listen to tracks of Callas in '53-54, when she lost the weight, for inspiration. Didn't so much work.

Chalkenteros said...

frau is good for weights. and the end of callas' medea too. but i've stopped lifting. it's only dance music on the eliptical these days.

jfmurray3 said...

I often listen to opera at the gym. Gotterdammerung is great. I run very well listening to the Rhine journey. And you gotta feel the burn during the Immolation Scene.

The background music at my gym can be very loud, and my earphones sometimes are not as soundproof as I like, so sometimes working out to opera sounds like a bad version of "Hooked on Classics".

Rachel said...

You should rethink the Lyric's Fledermaus. I saw the prima and was pleasantly surprised. Much more traditional than anything they've done this season. I don't think it's quite at the level of Trovatore (which is my favorite of the season thusfar), but certainly worth your time.

Alex said...

But if we don't ignore Fledermaus, it might not go away!

JFMurray: I did enjoy my Gotterdammerun, but I think the tempi on the Knapperbutsch disc I was listening to are a bit too organic. Suggestions for more cardio friendly sets are welcome. (Cue Wagner spinning in grave)

Chalkenteros said...

Suggestions for more cardio friendly sets are welcome.

The finale of Elektra!