Saturday, December 02, 2006


A: all this Handel has me kind of itching to see Rodelinda again
J: but not with Renaay
J: you have to remember how awful that was
A: I'm thinking like Rodelinda, hold the Rodelinda
A: or at least get someone who can friggin enunciate
J: and maintain one dynamic level for longer than a quarter note
A: I hope she doesn't fuck up Eugene Onegin
J: evidently she does that one well
A: she is not to be trusted anymore
J: it's true
J: she is officially a COD account
A: no credit for you, Flemball
A: that shit needs to be paid up front, yo
J: and we'll need a PO
A: Quantity: 1
A: Item: Renaay not sucking ass
J: hah
A: man, I'm listening to the CSO's Messiah with Solti
A: the chorus is amazing
J: do they have a resident chorus?
A: yes
A: they were really famous back in the day under a woman named Margaret Hillis
A: most American orchestras don't have resident choruses, right?
J: yeah I don't think so
A: the runs are so insanely precise
J: that is so awesome
J: is it really light?
A: like, it's a chorus of 100 people, and it sounds like about 5 in the quiet delicate parts
A: I think maybe I will start a little handel hobby
J: of recordings and stuff?
A: not sure yet
A: I guess trying to acquire the big operas and some of the oratorios
A: it's really unpleasant when its not done right, tho
A: which would be part of the hobby, I suppose
A: charming weather here
J: oh snow!

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Lisa Hirsch said...

SFS has a really amazing chorus; the previous director, Vance George, was trained by Hillis. He has retired and I haven't heard the chorus under its recently-named new director yet.