Saturday, December 09, 2006

Rodolfo come on over for dinner...

J: the Trebs/Villazon Boheme was not all that, btw
J: Domingus is a terrible, terrible condustor
J: conductor
A: that blows
J: like, he was just plugging through the whole thing, not letting anyone phrase anything
J: none of it was exciting
J: and the best parts were just rushed through
J: and like the singers were trying to phrase stuff
J: so everyone was out of synch a lot
J: but Trebs and the Mexicano were really into it
J: and both sounded really good (though he was very very quiet in act 1)
J: Relyea was awesome as Colline
J: best see-ya coat aria ever
A: oh nice
A: was it like trebazon paw-fest?
J: they had a paw, yes
A: Che Gelida Manina (Let me touch your tit)
J: haha
J: "oh my muff is so warm. here, stick your hands in it"
A: haha
J signed off at 6:17:12 PM.
J signed on at 10:53:52 PM.
J: Company!
A: good stuff?
J: really great
A: is it an open ended run?
J: I think so
A: I need to see that on stage really bad
J: yeah you need to see this
J: it's so lovely
A: sondheim revivals are having really good luck these days
J: hah High Fidelity got a HORRIBLE review
A: bah
A: good
J: "Still, High Fidelity definitely deserves a place in my own catalog of Top 5 lists. That would be on the roster of All-Time Most Forgettable Musicals. Now if only I could remember the names of the others."
J: says Brantley
A: good burn
A: broadway people can be such retards

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