Sunday, December 17, 2006

B-cast chat

J: oh, Jiggletto
A: its sort of weird they brought it right back
J: right
J: I was going to go today, since it's the last perf w/Calleja but I slept through it
A: Calleja is good?
J: he is very solid
J: this is like dumbed down Rigoletto thouugh--no one has taken any high notes all season
A: weak
A: it sucks there are only 4 Meistersingers
A: they are all during finals time
A: or thereabouts
J: blech
J: I feel like it may not be that great
A: I just need to see it
J: it's Wing Chang Gong and Hep B and James Morris. Bleah
A: I think they replaced Heps w/ the Mullet
J: ahh he couldn't cut it!
A: I haven't seen that mentioned anywhere
A: I mean, he was totally in it, right?
J: I think so right?
A: I vividly remember being like "Heps is Walther, natch"
J: well, Mullet Dumpty may be fine in that
J: his Gurrelieder this summer was very good
A: oh...this guy is nice
J: he is pulling it out
J: earlier ones his top was a little weak, tho he was otherwise terrific
J: I wish I had gone
J: damn
J: then again, I am in my PJ's with the cat and the tree
A: there are certainly worse places to be
J: $25 says they'll skip the high note at the end
J: they keep doing it
A: on the broadcast?
J: G thinks it's a conductor choice
A: boo
J: boo
A: Fanciulla got pulled from next year, it seems
A: that is lame
J: well
J: I am fine with it--the cast was so bad
A: oh
A: who was it?
J: I like this line
J: it was Grewwber
J: and Licitra I think
A: snore
J: snooze!
J: she is sounding great
A: no doubt
J: bra-freaking-va lady
A: classy
J: Ziti ziti ziti ziiiiiiii
A: ha
A: I love all the randy mens choruses in this opera
J: hah
A: it's somewhat weak that there are four Meistersingers and yet JL is only doing three
J: that is weak
J: shut up Renaay
A: her midwestern accent is kind of intense
J: it is
J: she isn't the worst interviewer though
A: maybe that's a good second career for her
J: yeah
A: perhaps the advent of constant opera broadcasting will lead to a thing like in sports where washed up singers become radio personalities
J: I am counting on it
A: whoa...he's young
J: wow
A: that was nice and diplomatic
J: what??
A: which? J: when he was all "there's one soprano who can wear horizonal stripes"
A: cuz she's all hot
A: and not fat
J: right
J: but it was just funny
A: "there's one soprano who has perky tits"
J: hah
A: a'ight
A: I'm off to the 'rents
J: ok
J: ciao
A: adio!
J: adio!
J: adio!
A: adiiiiiio!

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Chalkenteros said...

J: damn
J: then again, I am in my PJ's with the cat and the tree
A: there are certainly worse places to be

So true.