Thursday, June 21, 2007


J: Latvia!
A: awesome!

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J: Riga is neat. let's maybe move here.
A: are the people good looking?
A: I feel like Latvians are good looking
J: they are actually
J: the men moreso than the women
A: huh
A: they aren't really Slavs, nor are they Scandanavians
A: Scandoslavians
J: hah
J: Slandovanicans
A: that makes them sound like Satan worshippers
J: I just ate at this restaurant that was like an Epcot version of Latvia....but in actual Latvia
A: dude
A: how is Latvian food?
A: I am picturing like reindeer kielbasa
J: it's like a lot of pork and stuff. and I had borscht
A: tasty
J: there are little casinos all over here
A: are they gross?
J: I can't tell. They're small-scale
J: but I think I may attend one
J: there is a note in the bathroom in my hotel room about conserving water and it says "please help us save the nature"

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