Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Stockholm Syndrome

A: dude
J: dude.
A: there is this foreign guy over the cubicle wall from me who sounds exactly like Jar-jar binks
J: haha
J: is he black and gay?
A: no
A: maybe gay
A: I have no idea where this accent is from
A: but white somewhere
J: huh
A: where are you now?
J: still in Stockholm
J: I just took a long nap
J: I have sort of slept half the time
J: but oh well
A: so it goes
A: maybe you will be adjusted for the rest
J: I went to a good Rigoletto the other night
A: bonus
A: what's the opera house sich there?
J: it's really old and pretty
J: a king of some sort was killed there
A: ooh
J: I'm not sure how many it seats
A: is that what Ballo is based on?
J: but I am gonna go for like huge broadway house....1900 people maybe?
J: Ballo is based on the killing of some Swedish king, but he was actually killed at a masked ball
J: I think
A: I mean, it's plausible that more than one Swedish king was assassinated
A: despite that seeming a little too malicious for Swedes
J: oh wait
J: I think you're right
J: maybe the Ball was at the opera house?
J: ok same king
J: some accounts say opera
J: some say maske ball
J: all say Gustav III
A: actually having it at an opera might have been a little too complicated staging wise
J: hah
J: let's say he was at a masked ball they were holding AT the opera house.
A: the librettist is all, so we should do it at the opera?
A: Verdi: "Nah, too meta. Let's make it a masked ball"
A: off to meeting
J: hah
J: enjoy

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