Friday, June 22, 2007

Pork and Destiny

J: oh, pork in pork gravy
A: porkity porkity pork
J: it's a little like eating in Southern Illinois
J: like, Pork with white gravy
J: and a chicken/potato/mayonnaise casserole
J: it's actually sort of awesome
A: you should try to explain to the Latvians about Carbondale
J: hah
J: or that I ate something similar in a place called Palestine.
J: hmm, I got a bottle of wine but I have no opener. duh.
A: ha
A: the wine thing is unfortunate
A: what sort of a place are you staying in?
J: it's decent. it has a nice-ish restaurant
J: maybe I will ask reception
A: is latvia more cost effective than Sweden?
J: wine mission accomplished
J: latvia is more cost effective
A: oh good
J: they were very nice about the wine
J: which is good cause the minibar wine would have been really hard to drink while my cheap liquor store wine was sitting there staring at me
A: seriously
A: in Texas, its against the law to have liquor in the minibar
J: jesus
A: how gay is that
J: total gay
J: I won my dinner money from a slot machine tonight
A: way to go!
J: it is such a good thing there is not gambling in New York
J: I freaking love slot machines
A: I was about to say
A: there's a reason we don't have such things lying around in this country
J: tomorrow....Helsinki
A: it's like your date with destiny
A: did you see there's a jenufa in st. petersburg on sunday?
J: arggh
A: the Andrei from one version of the Mazeppa casts is in it
A: Oleg Balashov
A: wait--is that the crappy guy we saw?
J: oh maybe
A: indeed it is
A: weak

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