Sunday, August 06, 2006


If you haven't been already, just thought I'd note that Vincent over at is doing yeoman's work with podcasts offering the greatest hits from the new Bayreuth Ring b-casts. Check 'em here.

Should the universe conspire in my favor, there's some small chance I might get a swing at the Aug 23 Walkure. If anyone in the know about such things cares to comment, is there really any sense in trying to snag a return/scalped ticket day of?

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KS in Ottawa said...

My only experience in 1984 could bode well for you. All of us who were there at the box office looking for returns were lucky. I was particularly lucky in that I received a free ticket from a gentleman whose wife was the Erda of the performance. I sat in a box with family and friends of performers. It was a wonderful experience despite Manfred Jung who was soundly booed. It was the first booing I had heard at an opera performance it added a certain frisson to the night. Good luck and get there early!