Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Change of scenery

Well, as I've told most everyone else, I suppose I should tell the blog. Come the end of the month, Wellsung is going mid-coastal. J will be maintaining the flagship presence in New York, while I shall be covering the great middle-western territories, i.e. Chicago, while pursuing further schooling by day. Not that I could stomach missing the entire Met season, of course. You tell me how I should sleep at night having missed the upcoming Agyptische Helene, Don Carlo, Meistersinger, and ***Mattila Jenufa***??? Not to mention the Gheorghiu Boccanegra. And the Trebs Puritani. And the Hvorostovsky Onegin (despite Flem-ball's presence). Fuck. This is going to be difficult.

But the upcoming Lyric season is hardly chopped liver, of course. And threatened naked Voigt Salome is already on the docket. So it shoud make for some interesting new experiences.

Hello, Chicago opera blogosphere, and thanks, New York, for the memories.


Anonymous said...

Do let someone know when you need company.


Alex said...

Thanks, Supremo...will do.

T. Ambrose Nazianzus said...

Do enjoy the Lyric. My Wagner cherry was popped there two years ago, with Goetterdaemmerung. I have good feelings for it, though Voight revealing her all there is more than my delicate stomach can bare.

Maury D'annato said...

An opera queen benediction to someone who is leaving and will be missed:
Soave sia il vento
Tranquilla sia l'onda.

[E ci vedremo al staggion' di Mattila!]

Chalkenteros said...

you could have stolen one of my favorite lines from "Waiting for Guffman":

"We're bi-coastal. If you consider the Mississippi one of the coasts."

I look forward to your missives from Chicago.