Saturday, August 05, 2006

Siegfried listenin'

A guest IM buddy. I have chosen green for him.

A: any chance you're listening to the Siegfried rebroadcast?
G: crud, no
G: should i be?
A: it's pretty good...Stephen Gould is doing pretty well
G: i may tune in
A: Act III is going to start soon
G: who's b'hild?
A: Linda Watson
A: it's fun...they play the fanfares too
G: ok i'm tuned in now
G: my recollection is that linda watson has some troubles up top
A: I listened to an excerpt from Act II of the Walkure but wasn't paying much attention
G: oh wait this is the erda scene. who's erda?
A: Mihoko Fujimura
A: Erda-san
G: ha
A: Struckmann was ok in the Walkure ending I listened to, but definitely had some stamina issues and bailed on a couple big notes
G: it will all be better when pape is singing wotan
A: what do you think the ETA on that will be?
G: hm, I find I'm not the very most savvy abbout the "size" of roles...he sounds like he could sing it now, to me, but I"m sure I've heard him say it's not inthe near future.
G: wow, you're good
A: that is going to be some hot, hot stuff
G: 2010 isn't so veeery far i guess
G: this is a very meh erda
A: seriously

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